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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


As many of you know I married into a HUGE family and I LOVE it!  Each brother and sister has their own talent and I don't hesitate to take advantage of that.  Mariah is in the medical field so she's my go-to person when I need medication or have a question about an illness.  Poor thing, she probably gets tired of me!  Krystynna is a teacher and we always share teacher stories with each other and she's quite the cook.  I glean any info I can get from her regarding cooking.  Rachel is in real estate & is little miss crafty (you should check out her new blog: ).  I love seeing all her projects & talking to her about real estate! Charis is a business/budget guru, so she's the person I ask when I have a question about budgeting.  My mother-in-law, Miss Jackie, well, I go to her for several things including any legal stuff since she used to be a paralegal... haircuts, bread & any type of sewing.  Let's just say, I'm a dud compared to her.  She does anything & everything you can think of!  All the brothers are so handy & helpful, and are quick to help us when we need it!  It's pretty awesome.  Then there's my father in law, Mr. Mike.  That man's brain goes 100 miles per minute.  No wonder he is tired by 7:00 PM.  He's a super godly man & I believe Jordan is following in his footsteps.  And last but not least is miss Ashah.  I feel so bad because I use this girl to capture every important event in our life!  I feel like I can't thank her enough.  She took engagement photos, Jordan's surprise birthday photos, baby announcement photos, gender reveal photos, maternity photos, & newborn photos.  I try not to take it for granted. And with a family comes......TONS of babysitters, it's ridiculous!  The Lord knew what He was doing when I married into a large family (to compensate for being far from my family, even though I still miss them, A LOT!).  And then there's my husband.  I might be a little biased, but seriously the sweetest, godliest, most helpful, hard working man I know.  I hope James turns out half of what he is.  I may need to send him to Mr. Mike & Miss Jackie's occasionally to straighten him out.  

LOVE being a Wood!