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Monday, August 29, 2016

BIRTH STORY//John Michael Wood

 Wednesday, June 29th started out like the rest of the days  leading up to it, lots of back pain and I mean it was bad.  I stayed home a week or so before John was born because I was in so much pain.  Now I kind of wonder if I had low amniotic fluid or something.  I know he wasn't a small baby, but whew that hurt!    

Anyway, I was having contractions all through out the night ranging from 5 to 10 minutes apart.  I texted my OB early that morning & she said I welcome to stop by Labor & Delivery and get monitored.  I kept going back & forth.  I kept talking myself out of it because I knew I would get to there and hardly be dilated.  Jordan's mom happened to be watching James that day, so Jordan encouraged me to go since it wouldn't hurt to get monitored with the expectation that it might be nothing.  So, we went!  Thankfully, when I got there I was dilated to a 3, which was more than I thought.  By the time my OB got there & checked me I was a 4.  She told me, "You're here for good until that baby arrives!"  Praise the Lord!  I didn't really want to be sent home since the contractions were getting pretty painful.  

The anesthesiologist wouldn't be there for a couple more hours, so I asked the nurses if I could get any other pain meds until he arrived.  So, they gave me some stadol.  I think they remembered me from James' birth because they didn't give me as high of a dose this time.  I was pretty crazy after they gave it to me last time.  I received the epidural around 2 pm.  This was the only time I remember the stadol really affecting me.  When I was about to receive the epidural, I got really scared & almost refused it.  I was afraid that something would go wrong with it & I would get paralyzed or something crazy to that effect.  It seemed out of character for me because I had talked about how I wanted an epidural all pregnancy long.  So I blame my fears & tears on the stadol :)  

An hour after getting the epidural, I had only progressed to 5 cm.  The doctor then decided to give me pitocin to speed up the process.  The OB checked me a couple hours later (around 5 pm) after her day was over at her office & I was a 6 cm.  I was thinking that I wouldn't have John until midnight because I wasn't progressing as fast as I thought.  Around 7ish, Jordan's dad brought James to the hospital & everyone burgers for dinner.  Meanwhile, my doctor came back to check me and told me "You're complete!"  I replied, "Wait, what does that mean?!"  "It's time to push!"  she said.  I was in shock, I couldn't believe I had went from a 6 to a 10 in an hour.  Jordan shoved down his dinner & came back into the room.  After 3 contractions, and 8 minutes of pushing he was here!  Another shocker, I couldn't believe how fast it went!  I pushed for 30 minutes with James.  However, I was a lot more with it this time since I wasn't so high on stadol.  The Lord was so gracious.  I thought James' birth went so well, and this one was just as smooth if not smoother.  I cannot thank the nurses, my OB & all those who were there enough.    Love you all!