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Wednesday, May 27, 2015


A few days after James turned one he started walking.  Now, he is officially running!  He surprises us with new words every day.  He says "tank too", "bye, bye", "uh oh", "ball", "dog", "woof", "mama" and "daddy".  He's such a little daddy's boy.  I'm chopped liver when Jordan is around, but it is the sweetest thing to see him playing and interacting with Jordan.  

James has such a fun personality.  He definitely isn't shy.  Usually, he will go up to people and start talking gibberish--he's quite the little talker.  And he's not afraid to grab stuff from people either.  When we were at church a few weeks ago, I was talking with this lady and before I knew it, he grabbed the cookie out of her hand and shoved it in his mouth real fast.  Not really sure why, but he loves brooms, canes, & vacuums.  I hope that means he will help around the house, but I'm not counting on it.  He is now giving kisses & hugs, which is so sweet.  

We went to the doc for his 15 month check up and he is still in the 95% for weight and 98% for height (33.5 inches).   The doc said he looks like a perfect little 15 month old!  I'm so grateful for a healthy little boy. 

Dear James,
We love you so much sweet boy.  You have no idea how much you have changed our lives, for the good.  We pray for you non stop, and hope that you will surrender your life to Jesus at a young age. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Well for those who don't know, we added a pool to our house last summer.  The process began in June and lasted for 8 weeks.  Then it took a couple extra weeks to finish landscaping and getting patio furniture.  The process was a little overwhelming to me because I knew nothing about pools or any of the terminology.  Kool Deck?  What the heck is that?  Coping edge-yeah, not sure what that is either.  But now, I now I know what those are :)  I probably annoyed the heck out of the employees because I'm a perfectionist and wanted to love it!  But Pamlico Pool in Milledgeville, Ga did a GREAT job and I give them props for putting up with me!  

Here are a few things about our pool if anyone is interested in the details:

1.  The width is 16 feet and the length is 36 feet.
2.  It's a gunite pool.
3.  We have an automatic cover for safety reasons (since we had a 4 month old when we started building it).
4.  The coping edge (which is basically around the perimeter of the pool) is travertine.
5.  We got kool deck instead of plain concrete or even acid stained concrete because concrete is unbearable to stand or walk during the summer.
6. The pebble tec comes in various colors, and we chose Caribbean Blue.
7.  We have a retaining wall because our backyard is sloped.
8.  That area next to the spa is the tanning ledge.  Our one year old LOVES to play in it.  It's perfect for kids!  

Enjoy the pictures!