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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This chatterbox is 3 months today! {5.21.13}

Dear James,

This month I took more videos of you than I did pictures because you are talking so much!  You even started cooing while in your crib, it cracks us up!  We will watch you on the video monitor.  You look right into the camera and smile and coo.  You also do it while you are in your carseat in the car.  Daddy and I will be chatting away and all the sudden we stop to listen to you talk to your bumble bee that is hanging from your carseat.   You are still sleeping a lot & eating every 3 hours!  You are a little fuss bucket when you're tired.  You are going 100 mph kicking your legs or talking, or you're fussing because you wore yourself out and want to go to bed!  We love you SO SO SO much James!  We have a better understanding of the gospel because of you.  We realize more & more how much the Lord loves us because we are crazy in love with you! We pray for you daily.  Our prayer is that you will grow up to know, love, & serve the Lord fervently. 

Mommy & Daddy

Your great grandmother holding you for the first time.  
 Getting lots of attention from Aunt Darlene, Grandma & Granny.
 You fell asleep in grandma's lap during church.  You lasted the whole service without making too much noise.  And you survived Sunday school, but you yawned & sighed really loud several times while daddy was teaching the youth.  It was pretty funny. 
I love it when you smile & talk to other people.