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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Never Grow Up James!

James had his 1 month check up yesterday, and he is growing like a weed!  I was surprised to see the scale read 10 pounds 8 ounces and that he measured 22.75 inches long, which means he is gaining a pound a week and has grown over 3 inches since birth.  I am a little jealous, I wish I could gain a few more inches.  This past month flew by!  Here are some highlights from the past 4 weeks:

On the morning of February 23rd, we headed home!  We were so thankful for the awesome doctors and nurses that allowed for a smooth labor & delivery but were so excited to be home as a family.

This was our first night home, James and I were snuggling before we put him to bed.

Jordan's mom stayed with us that night and for the next week,  she was awesome!  She cooked us some yummy meals and helped organize the house.  

One of my favorite pics of James...

At a week old, sweet Ashah did a newborn photo shoot of our little family.  This one of Jordan holding James is one of my faves :)

Miss Jackie left on Saturday morning and 3 days later my sister & her daughter Katie came.  My mom came that Thursday.  It was SUCH a blessing to have them here and once again they cooked me meals and helped around the house.  I honestly can't thank our two families enough.

Here are few pictures I took a couple days before James 1 month check up!  

Every time I look at his little hands I am reminded of what a miracle a newborn life is.  Psalm 139:13 says, "For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother's womb."   

Dear James,
We cannot believe you are here, and a month has already passed by!  We couldn't imagine life without you already.  We love how you started smiling at us and our favorite thing is snuggling with you in our bed in the morning.  You are a morning person like your mom & dad!  And you seem to be an early bird just like me, you start getting fussy around 7 or 8 PM!  We love you more than words can express and we have been praying daily for you.  Our prayer is that you will come to love the Lord someday and strive to honor Him in all you do.  
Mom & Dad