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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

James the Gentle Giant 6.24.14

I'm a few days late, but James is 4 months old.  It seems like I just had him yesterday, but then again it seems like he has been a part of our family for a while now.    

We just got back from his 4 month appointment and he's still in the 80th percentile for height (26 inches), and he went from 60th to 80th percentile in weight (16 pounds 14 ounces), and his head got way bigger!  It went from the 30th percentile to the 75th.  

I am somewhat convinced he will be tall like Jordan, yet he seems pretty sensitive.  His little lip quivers a lot when he's scared or doesn't like something.  Not that I remember being a baby, but my mom and dad told me I was such a cry baby!  There's home videos of me crying because I wanted my mom & I vividly remember crying when my brother & sister would wrestle playfully with my dad.  I thought they were hurting each other.  I also remember my dad making me play softball when I was 5ish, and I cried like a baby for a loooong time because I was scared.  My dad could not handle cry babies/whimps, but I'm thankful he pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me a little more tough.  Hopefully James will grow out of it too--having 5 Wood uncles will toughen him up a little, I'm sure!  

Dear sweet James,

I know I have said this a million time, but we love you so much and our love keeps growing for you each day.  It's hard to fathom because we love you a ton already!  You started laughing, finally!! I have been waiting for it to come.  You are still sleeping a lot & eating a ton! 

Mommy & Daddy

Here are some pics & a video from this past month: