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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Sweet James is 7 months.  
He is healthy & so happy.  
He is 29 inches long (97th percentile) & 21 pounds 3 ounces (90th percentile).  
He is now crawling (at a very slow pace) and sits very well.  
He talks a lot saying "mamama" & "dadadada" and words similar to that.  
I wish he would belly laugh more.  We will do something & it will catch us off guard because James will belly laugh. 
He loves for us to read to him & he loves being outside. 
 Can't believe he is already 7 months!  

Dear James,

Mommy & daddy love you so so so much.  We can't even express our love in words.  We cannot imagine life without you.  You brighten up our days with your sweet smile.   We pray for you daily.  Our continual prayer is that you'll love the Lord & His Word.    

Mom & Dad