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Monday, September 8, 2014


I had been so nervous the days before our upcoming trip to California.  I was worried James would hate flying or get really tired after such a long day of traveling & fall apart.  But he did great!  He got a little tired by the time we arrived Sacramento and we still had another hour and half of driving, but he fell asleep & we made it!   I knew he loved being in the ergo, so that's what I used on the plane.  I also made sure he had plenty of baby food pouches to eat.  It was nice because when you are traveling with a baby, they let you get in the priority lane & board before the zones.  

Once we arrived at my dad's house, James got to meet his Uncle Chris & my aunts and grandparents! We were basically going all day trying to see all my family & friends, and we still didn't get to see everyone.  Thankfully, we are going back for Christmas, and hopefully we can see those people who we didn't get to see.  Here are a few pictures from our trip:

The lady next to him was talking and playing peek-a-boo..he was loving it.
 He slept about an hour and a half on each flight...

Jordan went dove hunting with my dad most mornings & evenings..
 Home sweet home