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Sunday, September 28, 2014


So on the weekends, my husband and I will do projects around our house.  This Saturday while he we was working in the yard, I was upholstering our kitchen chairs.  Here are the steps:
1. Pick our your fabric- I love stripes, so of course that's what I used. (Don't forget to use a coupon when purchasing fabric.  Hobby Lobby & Michael's always have 40% off coupons).
2. Cut the fabric into the number of chairs-I had 4, so I cut the fabric in 4 pieces.
3. Unscrew the chair pads from the chairs 
 4. I stapled the fabric underneath the pads
 5. Then you have to screw the chair pads back onto the chair
6. And there you have it!  
 I  love them!