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Sunday, April 6, 2014


 I wanted to jot some things down about my pregnancy before I forget because I have a tendency to do that!  I think I traveled more in my 9 months of pregnancy than any time of my life.  I guess I was trying to cram in all the traveling I could before we had baby James!

We announced we were pregnant on August 12, 2013 & below are a few of my favorite pictures from it:

A few days later we flew to Sun Valley, Idaho to surprise my sister for her 30th was so fun except for the fact we were evacuated due to fires, so we flew to LA for the remainder of the trip! I am horrible at remembering to take pictures, but I have this one of my nephew Jack & I in Sun Valley:
 For Labor Day I went to Lynchburg, virginia to see my good friend Hollie.  Love that girl!

A week or two later we went to Hilton Head, South Carolina with Jordan's family, below are 2 pictures.  I love my new family!  #woodsarethebest

 This doesn't involve traveling, but on November 22nd I was a bridesmaid in my sister in law, Ashah's wedding.  It was fun besides the fact it was really hard finding a dress that would fit my belly :)  (I was 28 weeks)
 The first weekend in December we went to Austin, Texas for a gender reveal party for our friends Zane & Amanda...It was soooo cold, but really fun!  I love Austin, I hope we get a chance to go back!

 Then in the middle of January, Jordan, Levi, Rachel, and Jordan's dad & mom all went to Pheonix Arizona for a ReBath conference.  The weather was awesome coming from cold & rainy weather in Georgia.  Rachel & I got to shop and lay out by the pool while the guys were in their meetings.
 The next weekend, we went back to Hilton Head with Ashah & Ben to take maternity photos.  I love them so much!

Oh and I can't forget I went to Little Rock, Arkansas in the middle of October & California for Thanksgiving.  Here are a couple pictures from Arkansas (I don't have any from Cali unfortunately):

My pregnancy was good overall.  I was nauseated for probably 4-5 weeks which was miserable, I think I ate McDonald's everyday because everything else sounded disgusting.  And I had pretty bad acid reflux the last couple months, but other than that I felt normal, praise the Lord!  I give props to those woman who are sick all 9 months, a month of nausea was enough for me!  I was happy with my experience but definitely glad James is finally here so we can enjoy him :)  We love you baby James!