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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Transition into being a mom..

The question I get asked a lot is, "how is motherhood?"  or "what do your days look like?"  Well, being a mom is basically what I expected.  There are difficult things about it, yet very rewarding things also, which is what I expected.  Thankfully, a lot of things weren't a shock to me.  I guess it was from having an older sister who had 3 kids and babysitting all throughout college.  I definitely heard a lot of negatives & heard the positive.  Some people would tell me the baby stage was a sweet time & others would say they had a more difficult time.  I am learning everyone has a different experience.   For me, I would say overall it has been really good so far.  I couldn't imagine life without James & it is amazing how much I love him.  Jordan and I always ask each other, "isn't crazy how much you love him?"  Because it is!  I feel like it gets better and better too.  There have definitely been a few hard days and a couple hard nights, but I wouldn't change it.  I am also learning each baby is different.  Some babies are more difficult than others.  I would say James isn't the easiest baby in the sense that he cries (usually in the evenings), but he is definitely far from being the most difficult baby.  He sleeps well, he eats well, he is happy a lot of time, he just gets fussy like any baby when he is hungry or tired.  But like I said I am learning each baby is different.  Some babies love being swaddled, some don't.  Some love being nestled up in your chest, some love looking at what's going on.  Some babies are great eaters, some are not.  Some babies fight sleep, some don't.  Some things I have learned about baby James are:

1. He is cold natured-if he isn't bundled up a lot, he has the goosebumps & freezing hands.
2. He doesn't like getting his diaper changed-cries almost every time.
3. He loves being nestled up-I hope that means he will be a snuggler :)
4. He didn't really like being swaddled, he loved his hands being by his face
5. He's a pretty good eater
6.  He's a pretty good sleeper-but I don't mind letting him cry himself to sleep every once in a while
7.  He likes pacifiers, thank goodness! Particularly mam pacifiers
8.  He smiles a lot! He started around 4-5 weeks & now he is trying to coo
9. Jordan says he burps like a grown man :)
10. He loves looking at lights (but I think most babies at this stage do!)
11.  He snores! It cracks me up

Here is a picture from yesterday:    

 This was a picture from a week or so ago:
 This is a newborn picture, but this is what we try to do every morning.  Jordan reads us a Proverbs or a chapter from one of Paul's epistles:
 A couple cute videos:

What our day looks like:
Every 3 hours I feed James and for the past week it has been 7 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm, 7 pm and in-between those feedings James will be up for an hour or 2 and then sleeps an hour or 2.  During his nap time, I usually clean the house, meal prep, or run errands.  On Fridays for the past month, I have been working at ReBath & James comes with me.  On Saturday we usually are out and about and on Sundays we go to Sunday School and the main service and do stuff in the afternoons.  Those are what are days look like recently!  Oh and James sleeps from 8 pm to 2-5 am, so 7-9 hours at night, which is awesome!  Love you James!!!  You're so sweet!