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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Travel back Switzerland & Spain!

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I left on this trip (May 12, 2013)!  I wanted to write a quick post on it, so I won't forget it!  I tagged along with my dad and two other salesman from his work (Hughson Nut).  They have a fruit & nut conference every year and it is usually in a different country, and this year it was in Barcelona, Spain.  
My trip began with a direct flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Zurich, Switzerland.  I arrived several hours before my dad, Leanne & Lori arrived.  I remember vividly shopping in the airport, I was happy to find they had an H&M & Starbucks, two places I was pretty familiar with :)  Once they arrived, we took a train to Basel, Switzerland.  Can I just say that Switzerland is the most expensive country in the world?  I noticed everything seemed pricey and a resident there told me it's because it's truly the most expensive place to live, so I'm glad I don't live there :)  They are also one of the few countries in Europe that don't use the same currency.  They have their own, which is Swiss Francs.
Anyway, back to my trip.  After we arrived in Basel (I kept finding myself pronouncing it 'basel' like the plant, but it's pronounced 'bazal'), we went to this Reformed Christian Church called Basler Munster (somewhat of an interesting name), and did a quick tour before dinner.      
 We were in Basel for a few days and we met with different customers while we were there.  It was so interesting to sit in on them and watch my dad, Leanne & Lori talk about almonds.  I learned a lot about the different types & varieties of almonds and about the different companies they sold to.

This is a picture of Leanne & I outside our hotel in Geneva, Switzerland.  She is super funny, she had me laughing the whole trip!
 Below is a picture of my dad & I in front of John Calvin's church in Geneva, Switzerland.

 We were in Switzerland the majority of the twelve days.  There are 2 major grocery stores in Switerland, Coop & Migros.  We met with Coop and toured the manufacturing plant where they package their own products.  It was super neat!  

Below is Barcelona, Spain.  This is where the fruit & nut conference was. 
 I wasn't able to attend any of the sessions since I wasn't registered, so I went shopping at Zara & took a tour of the city.  This is the Sagrada Familia, which is one of the main attractions in Barcelona.  The weather was so nice when we were there because it had rained several days when we were in Switzerland.

It was an awesome trip!  I loved spending time with my dad and gained a whole new respect for him. I have never really went to work with him growing up, and this trip I was able to see how he negotiates and make huge deals.  Love my dad!